About Us


Who We Are

The Touristic Enterprises Company (TEC) is a government-owned entity entrusted with the responsibility for the operations, development, and management of touristic, entertainment, and recreational assets and facilities in Kuwait.

In addition to the management and operation of its properties, the Touristic Enterprises Company collaborates with governmental bodies, private sector entities, and international partners to consistently promote the tourism and entertainment industries within the country.

Established in 1976, TEC emerged as one of the pioneering touristic regulatory bodies in the Arabian Gulf region. Since its inception, the company has played a pivotal role in the continuous development of Kuwait’s cultural identity.

The establishment of TEC in 1976 was a deliberate response to the unprecedented economic boom experienced by Kuwait in the early 1970s, driven by the success of its burgeoning oil industry. Recognizing the necessity to invest in the leisure tourism sector, Kuwait tasked TEC with spearheading the growth and development of this vital industry.

Throughout the past four decades, TEC has remained a cornerstone in the development of the tourism and entertainment sectors in Kuwait. Widely recognized in the country and the region, the company is regarded as a symbol of Kuwait’s commitment to these industries. TEC has been instrumental in shaping the cultural experiences of multiple generations within Kuwait’s population.

Our Mission

mission statement "To be the premier provider of exceptional tourism, entertainment, and leisure experiences in Kuwait and beyond."

Our Vision

"Lead Kuwait's tourism resurgence with world-class entertainment and leisure facilities."